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Another reason to hate SUVs

On Thursday, I was in a car accident and was rear–ended by an SUV while making a turn. My car’s rear end got bashed in with a taillight broken, and other damage.

This ought to be an example of why goddamn SUV’s are evil. They are much higher up, which means their points of impact with regular cars will be higher up, therefore causing more damage. Being higher up also makes them more likely to roll over. SUV’s greater mass also means a bigger force at impact, all else equal. In addition, since they are so big, they make you feel safe. A smaller vehicle makes you more likely to drive safely because you don’t feel safe and therefore must take more safe actions. SUV’s are also huge wastes of energy and are very inefficient with fuel.

In case you’re wondering, my neck hurts a little (I don’t know if this is whiplash or not) but am otherwise okay.


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