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Comments are welcome, including ones that disagree with my posts. I will allow profanity and sarcasm because I use them myself. Be aware that all commenters’ first comment is held for moderation. If your comment has more than three links in it, it is automatically held in moderation.

However, my tolerance for gratuitously anti-feminist, misogynistic, sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic comments, or explicit personal attacks in comments, is low. Hence, I strongly suggest that you express disagreement politely. If someone does make such a post, be aware that I am not here to save you from yourself. The internet will never forget what you wrote, and the whole world will know what a bigoted asshole you are.

Also, for legal reasons involving defamation law, posts containing untrue allegations against any person will always be deleted.

Please don’t violate the copyrights of others.

No spam please.

Godwin’s Law applies here.

Please stay on topic. I will delete comments that attempt to divert or hijack discussion.

I reserve the right to reveal identifying information about a commenter if they make threats.

Finally, I reserve the right to delete or edit any comment here without giving a reason. I am the decision maker here; there is no appeal process!

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