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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.

Canada 150

Happy Canada Day everyone.

Lots of Canada 150 celebrations will be going on. A 150th birthday does not come by very often.


Well, we went out and elected a minority government. Pending recounts and absentee ballots, the results are 43 Liberal, 41 NDP, 3 Green. The big winners look like the Green Party, who hold the balance of power with North America’s first green caucus. The results are also very regionally polarized, with the Liberals strongest in the Interior and Fraser Valley, and the NDP strongest in Metro Vancouver and The Island. The Greens won their seats on The Island.

As for what happens next, I think Christy Clark ought to be given a chance to continue governing. She won a plurality of votes and seats (one below a majority), and getting the support of the Greens, either by abstention or voting with them, provides more “breathing space” to avoid losing a vote of confidence. In particular, if the Greens abstain, then the vote is 43 – 1 (for the speaker who votes only if there is a tie) = 42 to 41. If the Greens vote with the Liberals, then it is 43 + 3 – 1 = 45 to 41. For the NDP to govern, they will require the support of the Greens. The votes would be 41 + 3 – 1 = 43 to 43. This is a tie, so the speaker votes. Clearly, it is much easier for the Liberals to command the confidence of the Legislative Assembly. In addition, there is also the convention that the incumbent premier stays in power if a minority government is elected or they resign. Hence, unless there is some concrete agreement between the NDP and Greens, and possession of Canada’s best whips, both the seat totals and established norms support Christy Clark remaining in office for the time being.

Also, see how close the election was? And how one seat was decided by nine votes? That’s why you should vote and why there should be compulsory voting. Turnout is too low. This election, you should have voted, because it could have mattered this time.

Make sure you vote.

Words of 2016

In its annual vote, the American Dialect Society has chosen its Words of the Year:

  • Political word of the year was “post-truth”, an era when opinion matters more than facts and reality.
  • Digital word of the year was “@”, to use the @ symbol to respond on Twitter.
  • Slang word of the year was “woke”, “socially aware or enlightened”.
  • Most useful/most likely to succeed (combined categories from last year) was “gaslight”, subtly psychologically manipulating a person in a manner to make them question their sanity.
  • Most creative was “laissez-fairydust”, using pure laissez faire economics as an economic cure-all and panacea.
  • Euphemism of the year was “locker room banter”, crude, vulgar misogynist talk that harasses women.
  • WTF word of the year was “Bigly”, in a notable way or important manner.
  • Hashtag of the year was “#NoDAPL”, used to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Emoji of the year was the fire, essentially meaning important or hot.

And the Word of the Year is “Dumpster fire”, meaning a fast-progressing omnishambles that is a major disaster.

In a companion vote, the ADS’s sibling organization, the American Name Society, chose “Aleppo” as its Name of the Year.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

2016 has been a pretty shitty year for everyone. Including in my personal life, as both of my remaining grandparents both passed away within two weeks of each other. It therefore goes without saying that I hope 2017 is better.

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