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Thanks a lot, anti–vaxxers

2012 was the worst year for whooping cough in the United States in generations, according to preliminary figures released today. There were at least 41,880 cases yeast year. Of those infected, eighteen died, including fifteen infants younger than one year. The last time numbers were this bad was in 1955. Considering that a record–breaking outbreak had been ongoing for much of the year, this year’s figures are not a surprise and very foreseeable.

The report mentions that this is in part due to cycles in incidence, as well as the fact that protection from the newer vaccine lasts for a shorter period of time. However, the report doesn’t mention something else that is likely responsible for the increase in the number of cases: the increasing number of people refusing vaccinations (especially for their kids, as children are most likely to suffer and die from the disease). The states with the easiest opt–out provisions have the most cases. And considering that whooping cough kills kids, anti–vaccination is one deadly denialism.

So, anti–vaxxers, how many kids will you kill this year?


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