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BC Election day today

Make sure you vote.


Election day today

Election day is today. The polls open at 8am, and remain so for twelve hours until 8pm. Make sure you vote.

Elections BC has more information.

Even if you live in a safe Liberal or NDP seat, you have no excuse. I live in a safe seat, and always vote.

Election day tomorrow

Voting day is tomorrow in British Columbia. Make sure you vote.

Based on the polls and predictions, it seems likely that NDP flags will fly in enough ridings tomorrow to give them a narrow majority government. It was a lot bigger margin weeks ago, but after Christy Clark’s performance in the leaders’ debates, her party acquired a big jolt of momentum, causing the gap to narrow. Frankly, the election can’t come soon enough for Dix and the NDP. Part of me is happy that there won’t be a Liberal wipeout. First, a strong opposition is always necessary, and second, the strength of the Liberal showing will have a large influence on whether Clark stays on until the following election. This means that we British Columbians still have a chance to end our perverse political “tradition” or streak of putting women in charge of political parties in ruins.

I am glad that the Liberals will be out of power. But I am not particularly thrilled that the NDP will be taking power; for various reasons, I believe that Dix will be a disastrous premier. And it is a sad reality of a two–party system that only the Liberals and NDP have a realistic chance of forming government. And furthermore, although exceptions exist, in general, only those two parties manage to recruit knowledgeable and qualified people who can bring their expertise to government.

For the above reasons, I explicitly refuse to endorse any party. But there are indeed a number of individual candidates I’d like to see elected, such as Weaver in Oak Bay–Gordon Head, and a number I’d like to see defeated, in particular Polak in Langley. Please, elect him and throw her out.

Send this woman to college

I urge all of my readers to go here and cast a vote for the essay there. It will allow the author to get a scholarship so she can go to college. She is an escapee from the Quiverfull/Christian Patriarchy movement and education will be a huge help for her. It will take only a few seconds you don’t have to provide any information to help.

So go vote.

Do you hear what I hear?

Click over here, if you dare. It’s at CBC, and it has a video of Prime Minister Stephen Harper singing (slightly out–of–key) rock songs at a Christmas party for the Conservative Party.

With the hope that your ears are safe, we can ponder CBC’s question: “Stephen Harper: Does seeing his musical side improve your impression of him?”

Seeing his musical side will not impact my view of him because whatever musical side he has, has no impact on how good his policies are. If his policies were close to my own political preferences, his musical side would not impact my view of him. Ditto for reality. In effect, would you take the same view of the person if they promoted and enacted the exact same policies, but had no musical ability? That’s what you should do. Musical ability will not make bad policies good, and good policies bad. I’ll concede that Harper’s musical side may give him a folksy appeal, but that is irrelevant to whether his policies are good or not. Certainly, doing this is an effective electoral tactic, but it’s a bad idea to vote for someone solely because they are charming, in your in–group, from your area, and so on. Doing so could result in the election of a legislator who is inimical to your interests. I will never use those criteria when deciding who to vote for, and neither should anyone else.

So, in short, hell no.

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