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Scattered thoughts and random links

I think that the Civilization series is one of the best series of computer games ever. Don’t ask why, but for some reason, it seems to go better for me when this song is repeating endlessly in the background:

Inspired by the Arbourist, I present this quote from Corey Robin, writing in The Nation:

St. Petersburg in revolt gave us Vladimir Nabokov, Isaiah Berlin and Ayn Rand. The first was a novelist, the second a philosopher. The third was neither but thought she was both.

Why Liberalism (US definition) works.

I’m most definitely not the first to notice this, but people borrowed from themselves centuries ago. Consider these two annotated Mozart incipits:

Sheet music

The first two bars of the first movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 7 K. 309.

Sheet music

The first two bars of the second movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 K. 331

The one on top is the first two bars of the first movement of Piano Sonata No. 7 K. 309; the one on the bottom is the first two bars of the second movement (the minuet) of Piano Sonata No. 11. K. 311 (that’s the one with the well–known Rondo alla Turca). As can be seen, perhaps even by someone who cannot read music, they begin with almost the exact same phrase. Indeed, they start with the same pattern (ignoring the acciaccaturas) of scale degrees (the annotations above the staves). They also have basically the same pattern of “long” and “short” (ill–defined terms) notes. Just about the most significant difference is the key, as C major and A major are not closely–related.

After these two bars, the two movements diverge significantly.

France and Slovakia qualified for the next round of the 2013 IIHF World Women’s U18 Championship. The main tournament is takes place in Finland and starts December 29.

SCOTUS strikes down ban on selling violent video games to minors

In a 7–2 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has struck down a California law outlawing the selling certain violent video games to minors. Parents have to take responsibility for the games their children play. 

I don’t play and don’t like shoot–em–up style video games. But nevertheless, this decision is the correct one.

Island of the Iroquois

Earlier today when playing as the Iroquois in Civilization III, I colonized a randomly–generated island that looks a little familiar:

Is Great Britain the island of the Iroquois?

Is Great Britain the island of the Iroquois?

This island looks like a somewhat angular version of Great Britain! The main continent I control is just to the west (offscreen to the left), as well as other islands farther to the north and west.

For other unusual maps, see Strange Maps.

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