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The Homosexual Agenda’s War on Christmas

I have extremely important and exclusive information. It involves the War on Christmas. Did you know that the Homosexual Agenda is targeting it? The information is after the jump and, before you go there, make sure to pray to end this persecution.


Women, it’s now legal to let you die

Horrors! Although this is a bit late, the lame duck called the Bush Administration has issued a new regulation attack on women’s health. It allows anyone, no matter how remotely connected, to deny you health care for unconscionable “moral” reasons. This is not about abortion. And it’s not just about contraception either, as Jill at Feministe touches on.

It’s really about power. It’s really about control. It’s really about punishing others for daring to do something consies don’t like. Women, it really about punishing you for daring to control your own body.

Rape victim and need emergency contraception? It’s now legal to refuse you, it’s now legal to give no referral, and it’s now legal to lie or not tell you why.

Happily married with a much wanted child on the way, in what unfortunately happens to be an ectopic pregnancy? It’s now legal to refuse you a life-saving procedure.

Women are not the only ones who will be affected by this. Queenemily at Questioning Transphobia touches on how this will affect transpeople, or the downtrodden and unfortunate, or anyone someone judges to be undeserving of health.

Consies often harp on about how they’re all for personal responsibility. I’m all for personal responsibility, and I see practicing safe sex and using contraception as among the ultimate in personal responsibility. In reality, it’s the crazy consies who are shirking personal responsibility. No one forced them to take a job where’d you’d have to do something they found morally objectionable. When you applied for that job, you should have known what that would entail. If you find your job so morally objectionable, grow a freaking spine and get a new job.

 Now, thanks to the Bush Administration, it’s now legal to cause unnecessary suffering.

It’s now legal to refuse to save someone’s life.

Women, it’s now legal to stand by and let you die.

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