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Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour today, but frankly, I don’t think everyone turning off the lights would make much of a difference, for the following reasons:

  • If candles are used to compensate, CO2 emitted by the candles will more than make up for what wasn’t emitted by power plants.
  • It is pure “slacktivism”, which will make people feel like they are making a difference while not actually having much of an effect.
  • At best, Earth Hour raises awareness. While that is important, more substantive action is necessary.

Much better individual things you can do about climate change include:

  • Eat less meat, especially of ruminants. Most people in North America consume way more protein than is necessary to stay alive.
  • Walk more and drive less. Telecommute if possible.
  • Rather than turning up the heat when you’re cold, put on a sweater or blanket instead.
  • Not use air conditioning or use it less. Closing curtains to prevent the sun from shining in can have a substantial cooling effect.
  • Using no–till no–till gardening. Modern soil management practices release CO2 from the soil, while no–dig methods turn soil into a carbon sink.
  • Replace old appliances, lightbulbs, transportation, etc. with more efficient models.
  • Get rid of “heat leaks”, like tiny gaps under doors, around doorknobs, etc. By blocking these you’ll keep more heat in your house, thereby needing to use less energy to heat it.
  • Get rid of “vampire power.” These are things like remote-controlled appliances. When a remote–controlled appliances is “off”, it still draws power to maintain standby mode, so it can detect any on signal. The only way to get rid of this “vampire power” is to unplug them.

Several of these things are good for reasons other than climate change. By walking more, you’ll be physically fit and healthier. If put on a sweater rather than turning up the heat, you’ll save money. Ditto for heat leaks.


Send this woman to college

I urge all of my readers to go here and cast a vote for the essay there. It will allow the author to get a scholarship so she can go to college. She is an escapee from the Quiverfull/Christian Patriarchy movement and education will be a huge help for her. It will take only a few seconds you don’t have to provide any information to help.

So go vote.

Morphing into Faux News North

Americans are some of the most uninformed people on the planet. Part of this is due to the quasi–propaganda that is fed to people by talking heads on cable news. It causes a divisive society where people don’t think critically, where they believe demonstrably false lies, and where the pundits form their opinions and do the thinking for them.

If a proposed new regulation at the CRTC goes through, that is what will happen to Canada. What those regulations do is make it easy to spread false or misleading news.

Many comments have already been sent to the CRTC; those comments are negative. You can send your own comments by clicking here and scrolling to “2011–14” and clicking on the submit button. I sent in my comment and (if you’re Canadian) so should you. Let the CRTC know what a bad idea this new regulation is.

(Note: I’m stickying this post until the CRTC comment period expires; scroll down for new posts)

A tale of two companies

First the good:

Feministing reports that the American Family Association is urging a boycott of Campbell’s Soup because it subsidiary, Swanson Broth, dared to do good and run an ad featuring a lesbian couple and their son in a gay magazine, The Advocate. Stand up for equality: buy more Campbell’s, give surplus to charity, and tell Campbell’s how they are doing good and that you will continue to support them.

Now the bad:

Religion Dispatches reports on how the winner of a “Manliness” contest sponsored by Old Spice is a man called Matthew Chancey. Matthew Chancey is a Christian Reconstructionist and a truly evil man. He is against women’s rights, and supports theocracy and women being submissive. He was supported by Vision Forum, which is against women’s suffrage. THIS IS TRULY EVIL AND MUST NOT BE TOLERATED. Tell Proctor & Gamble how bad they really are and never ever buy another one of their products.

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