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Stopping anti-vaxxers with one question

This one apparently came from, of all places, Christy Clark’s radio show:

[By not getting vaccinated, w]hy do you want to risk giving it [H1N1 flu] to someone who might die from it?


Flu shot

I got the H1N1 flu shot earlier today. As you can see, I am clearly still alive. There is nothing to worry about. So don’t risk dying from the pandemic.

A message for creationists, intelligent design advocates, and cdesign proponentsists

Canada has now reported a case of swine flu resistant to oseltamivir (Tamiflu). This raises an interesting question for the people this post is addressed to. Since, according to you, evolution does not happen, swine flu is not becoming resistant to Tamiflu. Hence, if you are infected with it, you will never need any alternatives. Even if your life depended on getting those alternatives, you would never use them because Tamiflu would always work. If you act otherwise, then you’ve just shown that there are no creationists in foxholes.

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