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Possible “draft” of invocation leaked

A possible “draft” of Rick Warren’s invocation at the Obama inauguration has been leaked. (No one has explicitly confirmed the authenticity of it, so I cannot say that thisĀ “draft” is “genuine”, but look at the categories.).

Check it out at the Huffington Post.


“Love thy neighbour as thyself” has no qualifiers

According to Wikipedia, Rick Warren’s five “Purpose Driven” teachings areĀ  based on two sections in the Gospel of Matthew. One that I’d like to draw your attent to is “Ministry”, which is derived from “Love thy neighbour as thyself”.

I have two thoughts:

First, somehow, I know that my conclusion – that because he loves LGBTQ? people so much he opposed to them having the right to marry, and hence that we should take away his right to be in a different-sex marriage because we love him so much – is not true.

Second, nowhere are there any caveats appended to “Love thy neighbour as thyself”. No where does it say “except if they’re gay” or “only if they’re straight”.

Mr. Warren, “Love thy neighbour as thyself” has no qualifiers.

Rick Warren to appear at Obama Inauguration

No, this isn’t from The Onion.

Yes, it sure as f***ing hell stinks.

Take action. E-mail Parag Mehta and clear the air.

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