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Pro-lifers aren’t

I first saw this video from the Guttmacher Institute at ThinkProgress. It shows how each year, around 47,000 women die from unsafe abortions.

Transcript here.

If all those anti–choicers truly cared about reducing the abortion rate and saving lives, they’d be pushing birth control endlessly. But since they don’t, it’s obvious that the abortion debate isn’t really about abortion. Rather, it’s about controlling women and punishing them for having sex.


Birth control saves lives

According to a study in The Lancet, widespread availability of contraception in developing countries could prevent an additional 104,000 maternal deaths yearly. Furthermore, in places where contraception is already available, 272,040 maternal deaths were prevented. (More specifically, perhaps as few as 127,937 or as many as 407,134 maternal deaths were prevented.)

You see that? Birth control saves lives. No one in their right mind could possibly be opposed to saving 200,000 lives each year. This therefore means that those so–called pro–lifers will be all in favour of more widespread contraception availability in developing countries, right? (Crickets chirping….)

No co-pay birth control coming

The US Department of Health and Human Services has announced that several of the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine. Therefore, health insurance companies will now have to cover birth control, testing for some sexually transmitted diseases, breast pumps, counseling for domestic violence, without deductibles or copays.

For reasons I have mentioned before, this is excellent news.

UNICEF on maternal health

CBC reports that the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund says in its annual report that a woman in the developing world is 300 times more likely to die due to pregnancy or childbirth-related complications than a woman in the developed world. The ten worst countries are Niger, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Chad, Angola, Liberia, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, and Mali. All except Afghanistan are African.

I agree that the measured offered in the article would help reduce maternal death. In addition, legalizing abortion allows it to be done safely in sanitary condition. Of course, since some people have objections to abortion, it’s even better to engage in female education and to educate people on family planning. Plus, barrier methods reduce the spread of AIDS.

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