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Teabagger tantrum

I think I’ll let this speak for itself (via):

Those law–and–order, property rights are sacred Republicans, used a school in Portland, Maine, to hold their caucuses. In one room, they took a poster, used a sticker to deface where it once stood, and opened a box and complained that it contain copies of the United States Constitution….

Nothing more to say, really.


Those damned activist judges…

…who don’t happen to exist.

Marriage equality is coming to Maine. Earlier today, Governor John Baldacci signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the state. As it was legalized through the legislature, you con’t complain about “activist” judges this time.

Hat tip to Shakesville.

The Maine thing

Maine will shortly be introducing a bill to equalize marriage in the state (hat tip). It is sponsored by State Senator Dennis Damon (D-Hancock). If the bill passes and the legislation is not overturned via the state’s referendum process, Maine will be the first state to legalize same-sex marriage through its legislature rather than through the courts. That is of course the best way to do it.

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