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All back

Rest assured that anyone who says that semi–stripping down a house, repainting the interior, and doing minor maintenance, and putting everything back, even with others to help you, is hard, painful work, is absolutely correct. Throw in the fact that I had to spend more than a weekend doing it and a place not insignificantly distant and as you can imagine I’m completely burnt out now that I’m back home.

I am so very glad for the ability to schedule posts a la Earth Hour. But there are comments to approve and respond to… later.

But I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell

I just spent all of yesterday pulling up old carpet from my stairwell. I used a crowbar to pull up the carpet and underlayer, and to pry out the two sets of spikes for every step and the landing. And then I had to use pliers to pull out all of the old staples and nails. All that while in awkward positions on the steps. And to top it off, now I’ve caught a cold. Today, I have a headache and my joints ache.

It’s not pleasant being like this!

Brilliant idea, indeed

I just replaced my water filter. It is in the kitchen and has a tiny, auxiliary tap. The job itself wasn’t difficult, except for one thing: whose brilliant idea was it to make the batteries so damn hard to get out of the filter?

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