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Being a bookkeeper is a surprisingly physical job

With other people, spent all day collecting and packing several months’ worth of files.

Drove them to another location elsewhere in Metro Vancouver.

We took the files up several flights of stairs, and organized them in that building.

We’re not finished yet.

At least someone’s bringing the hammer down for public health

A hospital in Indiana has fired eight employees because they refused flu shots (via). Good. It’s about time someone grew a spine and stood up to religious extremists who put the health and lives of the public at risk. And can we start doing this in BC, now? Update: My apologies, I didn’t read the date carefully enough. This is from a year ago. But still, the principle behind it still holds.

And to those who want religious exemptions from doing the job the voluntarily signed up for, be careful what you wish for. (Indeed, I think that it is pretty likely that the same people who support the people in Indiana would object to this second group, even though both are using the same justifications for not doing what is necessary for their job).

On self-checkouts

Whenever I go to the supermarket, I see an increasing number of self–checkout counters, those ones with no cashier. They are a symbol of how the company eliminated someone’s job. I never use them and I urge all my readers to never use them either. Being a cashier isn’t a particularly high–end or glamorous means of employment, but at least when you go through a checkout with a cashier, you’re supporting someone having a job.

With all this in mind, I feel that a recent move by supermarkets to pull back on self–checkout counters is a positive development.

Hat tip.

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