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Why not just resign and run the IRS instead?

Barack Obama has an uncanny ability to find people with tax problems (hat tip).


He froze and finished his nomination

Pandagon reports that Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. This is good because his running part of the United States government would have brought it into disrepute because of his tax issues (same applies to Timothy Geithner). At least Daschle withdrew and put the nomination out of its misery. It would have been more fitting had the United States Senate rejected him (and Geithner should have been rejected, for the same reasons).

It must freeze

Brad at Sadly, No! reports that Secretary of Health and Human Services designate Tom Daschle had unpaid back taxes of $128,000. If there is no filibuster, it seems clear that ¬†Daschle will probably be confirmed. He shouldn’t be, but he probably will.¬†Daschle’s nomination should suffer the same fate of anything else outdoors in a South Dakota winter: frozen and finished.

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