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The Words on What’s Fourth Blogiversary!

Today is the big 04, as it is my fourth blogiversary. It’s a whole four years that I’ve been blogging about anything worth talking about.

I’d like to thank all my readers on this occasion. Whether you’re a commenter, subscribe to a feed or with a reader, or are just a lifelong lurker, thank you.


The Words on What’s Second Blogiversary!

Today marks the end of two years blogging about whatever is worth talking about.

As I have no intention of stopping, to celebrate the start of year 3, I’d like to thank all my readers and commentators.

Thank you, everyone.

The Words on What’s First Blogiversary!

One year of blogging from the Words on What. Let’s celebrate.

This post inspired me to start blogging. It is one of the best posts in the blogosphere. Thank you for your inspiration.

I’d like to thank my readers and my commenters.

And I’d like to thank everyone else.

Thank you everyone.

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