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Top 5 Christmas Songs

Since like the holiday season is heading into full swing, Christmas music has been playing all the time. This got me thinking about what I think are the best Christmas songs, considering both the song and the performer together. If it helps, think of it as spending Christmas on a desert island, where you can only take 10–15 songs with you. I rank my top 5 and list the remainders at the end. This list is purely objective, and in essence boils down to a “list of Christmas songs I like better than others”. And it really does give a bit of a deep look into the kind/style of music I like.

  • #5 “It Snowed” – Meaghan Smith
    I really like the saxophone hook.
  • #4 “Santa Will Find You” – Mindy Smith
    The only non–Canadian in the top 5.
  • #3 “Mittens” – Carly Rae Jepsen
    Someone who is perhaps the most successful loser in Canadian history is the newest entry on this list, displacing my favourite singer and one of her best friends. This song is actually several years old, but only started getting airplay once Carly hit the jackpot south of the border.
  • #2 “Light of the Stable” – Tara MacLean
    It took me quite a while to find out who was singing this. I’m glad I found out.
  • #1 “The Gift” – Aselin Debison
    Longtime readers here knew this one was coming.

Some more thoughts on my top 5: There is no particular pattern regarding religious and secular Christmas songs. I consider  “Light of Stable” and “The Gift” to be religious, and “Santa Will Find You”, “Mittens”, and “It Snowed” to be secular. All but one of these songs are sung by Canadian women. Americans (and other foreigners), you just don’t know what you’re missing when you don’t hear my country’s great music. I have not necessarily heard or not heard any other version of the songs I listed. “Mittens” and “It Snowed” are too new to have cover versions. I have no idea about “Santa Will Find You”. I’ve never heard any alternative version of “Light of the Stable” but since it was written in the 1960s they certainly exist. I’ve only heard one other version of “The Gift”, and it is an atrocious version sung by some man, I don’t know (and don’t want to know) who.

The honourable mentions that didn’t make the top 5 (unranked):

  • “O Holy Night”† – Avril Lavigne f. Chantal Kreviazuk
  • “Children Go Where I Send Thee”† – Natalie Merchant*
  • “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / Gloria in Excelsis Deo”† – Mariah Carey*
  • “Cold December Night” – Michael Bublé
  • “That’s What Christmas Means” – Amy Sky
  • “All I Want for Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey*
  • “Make It Christmas Day”† – Jann Arden
  • “Song for a Winter’s Night” – Sarah McLachlan
  • “Your Love (Christmas version)” – Michelle Wright*
  • “Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord”† – Boney M.*

Songs with the † symbol are religious, and artists with the * are not Canadian.

My readers, what Christmas songs do you like best? Feel free to share.


Top Christmas Songs

Earlier this year, ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) released its list of the most “performed” Christmas songs of the decade. The winner was the Eurythmics version of “Winter Wonderland”.

As for my favourite Christmas song, it’s hard to decide. I’d probably say that the best song (regardless of which artist is performing) is “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”. As for the best version, it’s a toss–up between the Aselin Debison version of “The Gift” and the Natalie Merchant version of “Children, Go Where I Send Thee”.

A different kind of Christmas song

Suffice to say it is moving.

Some background:

The song is called “The Gift” and the vocalist is Nova Scotia singer Aselin Debison. The song was previously covered by Garth Brooks (but this version is way better). The song was written by Montana singer/songwriter Stephanie Davis.

Let’s take the meaning of this song to heart and give something to someone less fortunate. Give someone hope.

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