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A certain American reactionary suggests or implies that, according to him, women have no right to contraception.

This is probably the best reason to vote for Obama in the 2012 US Presidential election. Although he has been disastrous in other respects, when it comes to his Supreme Court nominees Obama has been fantastic. If the Republican nominee wins more reactionaries will be appointed, and they will be sure to roll back the rights of women and others.


Justice Stevens to retire?

CNN reports that Justice John Paul Stevens of the Supreme Court of the United States may be retiring soon, possibly at the end of this term. As Stevens has been rumoured to be imminently retiring for over a decade now, I think it’s prudent to wait until an official announcement.

But if he does retire, who will Barack Obama name as his replacement? An informal unscientific survey of the blogosphere indicates that the current Solicitor General of the United States, Elena Kagan, is the front–runner. Other possibilities include Pam Karlan, Kathleen Sullivan, and Justice Diane Wood.

Need I mention to Republican Senators that it is not worth it to filibuster Stevens’ replacement? It’s replacing one left–wing member of the court with another. This will not alter the ideological balance of the court.

There is one final bookend to this. Both Karlan and Sullivan are openly lesbian (cite). When you read Antonin Scalia’s dissent in Lawrence v. Texas, you should have no problem agreeing with Scott Lemieux’s view of him. It would be pleasantly ironic if Scalia is forced to work together with one (or two, if both Karlan and Sullivan end up on SCOTUS) LGBT individuals.

Update (2010–04–09): It’s official (via).

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