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An election-related story

The Alberta Legislature has passed a law mandating that its MP’s be banked for the next few elections. “We are tired of all the people in Quebec and Ontario having all the power in the House of Commons, even though they have so much more population than us,” said a spokesperson for the Alberta Legislature. “Even though we’ll have no seats this Parliament, by banking our MP’s, we’ll be banking 56 next time, then 84, and then electing 112 MP’s. By that time, we’ll be the real primeministermakers in Canada. We’ll be sure to elect to recycling bins to Parliament, because we’re so conservative that we’ll elect recycling bins just because they’re blue. Actually, we’re not really that conservative, it’s just that turnout is so low that it lets us elect whoever we want, and ridings are so arranged so as to give rural areas power while screwing cities. And once we stuff the House of Commons with our reactionary minions, who will be thoroughly greased with oil shale hydrocarbons, we’ll get revenge for the Canada Energy Policy. I know, the CEP was decades ago, and rational people, like the majority of Alberta citizens, would rather move on and get on with life, but we Real Albertans™ are still pissed off about the CEP and will keep raising a shitstorm over it.”


Court overrules Alberta HRC

An Alberta Court of the Queen’s Bench has overturned a ruling of the Human Rights Commission that held that a letter to the editor by Stephen Boissoin was hate speech (via).

As much of a vile, homophobic bigot that Boissoin is, this is decision is correct. It is dangerous to censor political speech, and a society’s true commitment to freedom of speech is measured by protecting the speech of the worst sorts of people.

Of course, this won’t make me refrain from calling Boissoin the homophobic bigot that he is. And this won’t make me back down from exposing the hatefulness of people like him, nor from condemning them.

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