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Word of the year 2014

The American Dialect Society has chosen its Words of the Year 2014:

  • Most Useful was “even” in the sense of handling a tough situation.
  • Most Creative was “columbusing” a kind of cultural appropriation, especially when a majority group “discovers” something already known by a minority.
  • Most Unnecessary was “baeless” meaning without a romantic partner.
  • Most Outrageous was “second-amendment” meaning to kill someone.
  • Most Euphemistic was “EIT”,  for enhanced interrogation techniques.
  • Most Likely to Succeed was “salty” meaning exceptionally upset.
  • Least Likely to Succeed was “platisher” meaning a webmedia that is an output for creative works.
  • Most Notable Hashtag was “#blacklivesmatter” protests over Black people killed by police.

“#blacklivesmatter” was also Word of the Year.

The ADS’s sibling organization, the American Name Society, chose “Ferguson” as its name of the year.


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  1. Reblogged this on …:::Bem Vindo:::… and commented:
    Prêmio “Palavra do Ano” para a Língua Inglesa.
    E no Português, qual seria a palavra do ano? Rolezinho? Lepo lepo?

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