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Asshole arbourists

Frankly, yesterday I discovered that some people who cut tree branches away from power lines are total idiots. There is a big maple tree in my parents’ backyard. It is about 4 metres away from the fence. Today, BC Hydro cutters came by and mutilated it. It looks like they cut the branches too short. The stem was 4 metres away. It used to offer luscious shade, and now you can see through the canopy and into the neighbours’ windows in the distance.

Now the tree is unbalanced. Considering that their yard floods in winter, it might not take much of a gust of wind for the tree to topple over.

And this was a special tree for my parents. They got it as a seedling and now this maple is over 30 years old. It takes time for a tree to get as elegant as this.

And in addition me and my mother basically got the runaround from BC Hydro when we phoned to complain. They still haven’t returned our call.


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  1. I was worried there for sec… πŸ™‚

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