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Comments on: "#Ineedmasculismbecause I’m A Self-Centred Twat" (9)

  1. “Twat”? Didn’t expect that from you.

    • Though, yes, that is quite a funny hashtag, in a quasi-morbidly-depressing sort of way.

      • I find that MRA’s are solely motivated by misogyny and a desire to oppress women, not by any real concern for sexism against men. For example, there was a submission to SCOTUS to overturn a law that was sexist against men. Loads of feminist organizations supported overturning it in their amici curiae. MRA’s pretty much didn’t (cite). (And since it was a tie vote, the law was de facto upheld).

        It’s feminists who fight against sexism against everybody.

        • That’s really interesting. Thanks for making the point.

        • And something new from Brute Reason. Miri discusses two studies. One of them indicates that feminists hate men less than antifeminists/nonfeminists, namely that (italics original) “feminists scored less on hostility toward men than did non-feminists.”. This backs up my own (admittedly anecdotal) observations.

    • It’s a reblog, and that means the title is kept the same.

  2. Thanks for reblogging this. I guess these guys feel so bad about themselves that they want to feel superior to someone and take their hatred out on someone. Must be hard being them.

    • I think that’s pretty much it. And also about how you’ll, metaphorically speaking, have to remove their Privilege from their cold dead hands.

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