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I am now cited by Wikipedia

Look here, and see citation number 23.

It cites my post (Update: or rather the category containing that post, which had [at the time] only that one post in it) about Yvonne Jurewicz, who died due to a coat hanger abortion in 1990. And since I provide full page numbers and dates for the newspaper article I quote in the cited post, citing me specifically is unnecessary. Hence, this situation likely won’t last too long…


Comments on: "I am now cited by Wikipedia" (5)

  1. I must be blind, ’cause I can’t find that citation. Try linking to it directly?

    Still, cool beans. The day I’m ever cited in Wikipedia is when I know I’m officially an authority. 😀

    • Go to the “References” section. You should see a lot of numbered footnotes (I see them in columns in Firefox). The one I’m talking about is numbered 23 and says “Twenty years ago: Woman dies after performing abortion”….

  2. Thank you for your comments, everyone.

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