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Blog for Choice 2013

Logo of Blog for Choice Day 2013Today is Blog for Choice Day 2013. The topic for this year is “Why are you pro–choice?”

I am pro–choice because reproductive freedom is an essential prerequisite for women’s rights. Societies where abortion is illegal are among the worst places to be a woman. Societies where opponents of abortion and reproductive freedom get their laws kill women. Reproductive freedom saves lives. Reproductive freedom is one of the most powerful ways to lift women out of poverty.

And with today being the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the need for reproductive freedom is more essential than ever. Recent times have seen record numbers of attempts in the US at chipping away at reproductive rights.

Blog for Choice mini-roundup:


Comments on: "Blog for Choice 2013" (2)

  1. Froward Words said:

    I’ve always been pro-choice, but never thought that I’d have one. My blog may have been started too late for Blog for Choice Day, but I can only hope that it may make some people pause before they condemn me. The world isn’t black and white – it can be extraordinarily cruel, and I am jealous of people who have never experienced that cruelty before.

    • Blog for choice is every year, so you can do BfC in 2014.

      Almost all of those who are opposed to abortion don’t really care about preventing abortion, they really care about preventing women from having any ability to control their own reproduction.

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