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A question

Does anyone know why the exactly there are so many Russian language spam comments on my post about a reactionary SCOTUS judge’s disturbing beliefs? What exactly could those two things possibly have to do with each other?

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  1. Maybe because of the currently heightened activity regarding feminism in Russia? Other than that, I got nothin’.

    • Meaning (sorry, I done derped) because of this heightened chatter, there may be more spambots that are more likely to find any posts regarding feminism in Russia, or some such.

    • Maybe it’s that. Or it could be anything.

      • An appreciable portion of my spam, when I bother to ping the IP address, does turn out to be from Russia. But usually, it’s in English. Considering that my entire blog is in English and I know no Russian, the fact that some spam ends up in that tell me strongly that a machine is doing the spamming. A human would never do such a silly error.

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