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According to a study in The Lancet, widespread availability of contraception in developing countries could prevent an additional 104,000 maternal deaths yearly. Furthermore, in places where contraception is already available, 272,040 maternal deaths were prevented. (More specifically, perhaps as few as 127,937 or as many as 407,134 maternal deaths were prevented.)

You see that? Birth control saves lives. No one in their right mind could possibly be opposed to saving 200,000 lives each year. This therefore means that those so–called pro–lifers will be all in favour of more widespread contraception availability in developing countries, right? (Crickets chirping….)


Comments on: "Birth control saves lives" (3)

  1. Yeah, but its the “wrong” lives. Women just provide the facilities, it is the fetus that is the important bit. And really, once born, they (anti-choicers) usually don’t give a damn about the newborn. Or maybe I just have not seen all those pro-life daycare and child care facilities…

  2. […] opponents of abortion and reproductive freedom get their laws kill women. Reproductive freedom saves lives. Reproductive freedom is one of the most powerful ways to lift women out of […]

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