Anything worth talking about, is worth blogging about

In no particular order:

  • Same–sex marriage was illegal in North Carolina, but the people there voted to ban it again.
  • If it was legalized, same–sex marriage could provide a one billion dollar boost to the American budget each year for a decade. Marriage equality, it’s good for the economy!
  • Teh cute.
  • Yet another misogynistic fundamentalist pastor. He’s against women voting and blames them for everything. No surprise there.
  • I’ve often said that complementarianism is really hierarchicalism. And now (via) Rachel Held Evans reports that complementarianism is losing ground. Good.
    • Evans also quotes someone who writes that (my emphasis) “For millennia, followers of God have practiced what used to be called patriarchy and is now called complementarianism.” Well, at least he’s honest.

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