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This person really said this

[TW: Anti–Semitism, misogyny, homophobia]

While looking for something else entirely, I came across this disturbing blog. It’s called Santorum 2012 and self–describes in its Twitter feed as “A blog in support of, but not affiliated with, Santorum for President.” Considering that this blog’s Twitter feed says “All RTs [that is, retweets] are endorsements” (my interpolated note) and that some things originally tweeted by a member of Westboro Baptist Church (Fred Phelps and his ilk; the people who protest at soldiers’ funerals) are retweeted (that is, endorsed), I think I’ve found out all I need to know about this person. The fact that WBC are serious in their homophobia makes me pretty certain that this blog is not a Poe.

I’d like to draw me readers’ attention to one particular post. It’s titled “Plan B is nothing but ‘Plan A’ for the Immoral“. The topic of that post is criticizing the support that the women on The View have for birth control. The complete text is as follows (my emphasis and parenthetical notes):

In the town where this blogger was raised, five or more women under the same roof is considered a brothel (according to Snopes, this is false).  So, it’s not surprising that the ladies on “The View” are supportive of birth control methods, including abortion and Plan B.  Not only are these women typical immoral ‘feminists’, they are also, in some cases, Lesbians and/or Jewesses…. (Last sentence asking people to watch a video in that post omitted).

Rather that attempting to come up some legitimate argument to make, this person attacks the women of The View because they are female, feminist, lesbian, or Jewish.

Misogyny, lesbophobia, and anti–Semitism, all in one post.

After the jump are screenshots I’ve saved in case this person tries to delete their post.

The blog main page (click to enlarge):

Screenshot; text given in main blog postTwitter (click to enlarge):

Screenshot; relevant parts discussed in main blog post


Comments on: "This person really said this" (2)

  1. Ordinarily I would say that this is beyond the pale. But for the republican party 2012, it is par for the fracking course. The US really will be finished if *any* of the current republican nominees get elected as POTUS. They are all frothing at the mouth, nut-buttered, crazy wack-a-loons following the dictates of their deluded fundagelical base. What happened to the repubican party? I remember a time when their values were odious, but still had a basis in reality.

  2. I agree. All the remaining Republican candidates are, as you describe them, “frothing at the mouth, nut-buttered, crazy wack-a-loons”. Considering the other ones, most of them were similar (Perry, Bachmann, etc.) Considering Huntsman, he accepted global warming and was not a creationist, so while he was still very conservative (he’s antichoice, etc) at least he wasn’t totally batshit nuts, which is good (by Republican standards).

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