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On self-checkouts

Whenever I go to the supermarket, I see an increasing number of self–checkout counters, those ones with no cashier. They are a symbol of how the company eliminated someone’s job. I never use them and I urge all my readers to never use them either. Being a cashier isn’t a particularly high–end or glamorous means of employment, but at least when you go through a checkout with a cashier, you’re supporting someone having a job.

With all this in mind, I feel that a recent move by supermarkets to pull back on self–checkout counters is a positive development.

Hat tip.

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  1. […] you start celebrating the reduction of the number of self-service check-outs in grocery stores, please think of the many autistics for whom a self-service counter is often the […]

  2. When I was working as a cashier, I think one of my customers said it best when she said, “You’re not paying me to work here. Why should I ring my own stuff up?”

  3. In that respect, a self-checkout is effective outsourcing sales work to the customer, and the business saves money because you’re doing it for free.

    However, as Clarissa pointed out to me in her pingback, some people really really need self-checkouts. Having social anxiety myself but having had CBT to help manage it is clearly something I should have thought of, but didn’t. My ignorance regarding that is only my own fault.

    Since apparently most customers don’t like self-checkouts, you need to go through someone to get age-restricted items (eg alcohol), or locked up items (like birth control!) I predict that they will fall in number.

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