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DADT discharged

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ended today.

In other words, a non–event happened.

Comments on: "DADT discharged" (6)

  1. I’m curious as to why you consider this a non-event? Or perhaps I’m misreading sarcasm?

  2. I really was being sarcastic with regards to the people who support DADT.

    WIngnut types have been predicting the equivalent of all hell breaking loose, equivalent to troops dropping their guns to run away from the gay mob faster. In reality, the only thing that is happening is that well-qualified individuals are no longer being discharged for stupid reasons. In that sense, the big wingnut about dire events coming to pass not happening is what makes this a non-event.

  3. I’m sure glad to hear it was sarcasm, I completely agree with you…between the DADT repeal and the Chaz Bono on DWTS issue, I’ve come across way too many hate and fear-mongering blogs.

  4. Yes, there are too many bigotblogs.

  5. I thought we’d celebrate this by not asking or telling about it. Treat the event the way they’ve treated our sexual orientations the last twenty years.

  6. With that last comment, I think you win Teh Internets for the day.

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