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Plinky Prompt FAIL

A feature recently added to WordPress is Plinky Prompts, which appear at the screen just after you publish a post. They provide suggestions as to future posts. For my last post, I got these ones (see picture [click to enlarge]):

A screen shot of a plinky prompt from WordPress

 For those who can’t read the circled writing, the one in the upper left says “349th post.” The one in the lower right says “Do you blog? Why or why not?”

Epic FAIL.

As for those questions, the first one is pretty obvious and is utterly unworthy of wasting any more attention on. As for the second, I blog because if enough people speak up, all will hear us.

As for the Plinky Prompts, this is another example of why dictionaries define human intelligence, animal intelligence, military intelligence, extraterrestrial intelligence, and artificial intelligence and in that order.


Comments on: "Plinky Prompt FAIL" (9)

  1. “Military intelligence” is a contradiction. It shouldn’t fall before extraterrestrial or artificial intelligence. Dumb as this bot was, it wasn’t as dumb as the smartest military.

  2. I disagree, It is generally acccepted that Ultra (intelligence from the cryptanalysis of Enigma) shortened World War II in Europe by as much as a year. In adddition, Soviet codebreaking successfully informed them that Japan was not going to attack them in the east, allowing them to transfer troops from Siberia to Europe. And this is just two examples from the same war.

  3. A war that ended nearly 70 years ago. Those people are now dead. They are not the dumbasses currently serving in military.

  4. It was intelligence (gathered over the process of several years) that allowed Osama bin Laden to be killed.

    Again, it was military intelligence thatcorrectly predicted that theUSSR would eventually collapse (notwithstanding the BS from Team B).

  5. “It was intelligence (gathered over the process of several years) that allowed Osama bin Laden to be killed.”

    If they followed MY intelligence, it could have been done within a week and cost less than a hundred grand.

    Military “intelligence” ended up costing ten years, hundreds of trillions of dollars, and more casualties and social damage that Osama Bin Laden could ever hope to have caused. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard for me to get excited about a solution that caused more damage than the problem it purported to have solved.

    And, in the end, what the actual task of removing him wasn’t that far from what I recommended on September 12th, 2001. So, why resist my advice back then?

  6. The US asked for bin Laden to be handed over. The Taliban refused, and therefore the invasion resulted. This caused bin laden to flee to Tora Bora, from which he escaped. He later made his way to Pakistan, and hid in the mansion there. Intelligence eventually tracked him down.

    One of the reasons it took so long is the enemy is trying to not give you intelligence. Merely knowing someone lives in city X is not enough to track them down. Most cities have thousands of buildings.

    Also, show me your intelligence, please. Remember, your advice seems to be implying that you knew exactly where (down to the city block, cave, etc.) where bin Laden was back on September 12, 2001. But such a claim sets off my bullshit detector, and I don’t see any way for you to have known which city block bin Laden lived in. And if your advice was simply to ask for him to be handed over, well that was tried and didn’t work. I’m at a loss as to what other thing it could possibly be. So, please clarify what you mean by your advice.

  7. I never claimed to know where he was hiding. I only said that my plan could have found him within a week and without spending hundreds of trillions of dollars on wars and causing more damage than the attack itself.

    Real reason they did all that: They didn’t want efficiency. They wanted flashiness. The correct plan wasn’t flashy enough.

  8. And here’s a question: If the military is so smart, why are they still in those bullshit wars that were allegedly about taking Bin Laden out?

  9. The wars are still going on because basically Afghanistanand Iraq will descend into chaos without us. Or worse, if the Taliban with its oppression of women retakes power in Afghanistan. The wars were handled incompetently. Rummie and Bush might have been able to win the (conventional) war in Iraq, but they failed to win the peace. Instead, warlordism and the like resulted.

    And what exactly was your plan?

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