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About a week and a half ago, I arranged an interlibrary loan for a book I had been wanting to read for over a year. Last Friday, the process was finished, and the book was ready for me to pick up. I did that today. The people were friendly and very helpful; the service was prompt.

This, to me, demonstrates how public libraries improve access to information. The ILL process allows people to gain access to books they might otherwise not have easy access to. Access to, and freedom of, information is important. It makes people informed. This is why you should always support public libraries and access to information.

BTW, in case you’re wondering, the book in question is Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement by Kathryn Joyce. I’ll post a review and comments when I’m finished reading it.

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  1. […] Movement by American journalist Kathryn Joyce. The book is available from Beacon Press. I promised a review and a summary of its contents, and here they are, after the […]

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