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In a 7–2 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has struck down a California law outlawing the selling certain violent video games to minors. Parents have to take responsibility for the games their children play. 

I don’t play and don’t like shoot–em–up style video games. But nevertheless, this decision is the correct one.

Comments on: "SCOTUS strikes down ban on selling violent video games to minors" (6)

  1. Well, what do you know? SCROTUS does get one right every now and then.

    Some people say that first person shooters train kids to become killers at school shootings. But, isn’t their worst crime that they’re all the same boring game?

  2. It is disputed whether violence in video games and the media has any particular effect on violent tendancies on one who is not already mentally ill. And besides, perhaps parents should be responsible for checking out what games their kids play, right?

  3. Actually, in actual science, such a thing is not under dispute. The scientific conclusion is that violent video games do not cause violence and the study suggests that it may even prevent violence, though that second thing hasn’t be confirmed.

  4. I didn’t see the evidence as particularly strong in either direction. But anyway, regardless of shat the evidence shows they still have to be allowed to sell video games.

  5. Let’s just say that there is no evidence at all to support that violent video games cause violent behaviour. Furthermore, the only evidence to support the contrary is circumstantial. But, that’s at least better than the evidence in the other direction, no?

  6. As I said above, I thought that it was irrelevant whether the evidence had any particular effect, as they should still be allowed to sell such video games (and while we’re at it, movies etc.)

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