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The BC Liberal Party has selected Christy Clark as its next leader. This means that, once the formality of Gordon Campbell resigning is over, she will be the next premier of British Columbia. She will be the second woman to be premier.

Since Clark does not have a seat in the legislature, it’s possible that a new general election is imminent. If that takes place, the HST referendum due to take place this September would likely be moved up to coincide. A less likely possibility is that some backbencher in a safe seat will resign to let her run; she would likely win the resulting by–election. That would be the first time since 1981 that the governing party has won a by–election here.

As for the leadership vote itself, I’m glad it was not Kevin Falcon who won. Clark is a life–long federal liberal. Supporting your own side is only part of getting your political preferences enacted; you also have to support middle–of–the–roaders in your opponents. Clark should be one such middle–of–the–roader, despite being a partisan pit bull that grinds opponents to dust.

The BC Liberals will likely get a boost in the polls. Clark remains popular with the public at large. New leaders always get a honeymoon period in the polls. I just hope that she waits until the NDP has selected a new leader before she calls an election; dropping the writs earlier would be blatantly opportunistic.

A few more factoids guaranteed to set the blood of any wingnut readers boiling. The BC NDP is a nominally socialist party, even though it is far more moderate than the federal party. At the same time, Clark is a divorced single mom. She will soon become the most powerful person in British Columbia. The NDP and the Liberals are the only parties with a realistic chance of winning seats. Who should the wingnut vote for, the “socialists” or the woman heading a non–nuclear family? Either way, the sky still refuses to fall. Indeed, the only thing that’s fallen recently is a bunch of fluffy white stuff.


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