Anything worth talking about, is worth blogging about

Americans are some of the most uninformed people on the planet. Part of this is due to the quasi–propaganda that is fed to people by talking heads on cable news. It causes a divisive society where people don’t think critically, where they believe demonstrably false lies, and where the pundits form their opinions and do the thinking for them.

If a proposed new regulation at the CRTC goes through, that is what will happen to Canada. What those regulations do is make it easy to spread false or misleading news.

Many comments have already been sent to the CRTC; those comments are negative. You can send your own comments by clicking here and scrolling to “2011–14” and clicking on the submit button. I sent in my comment and (if you’re Canadian) so should you. Let the CRTC know what a bad idea this new regulation is.

(Note: I’m stickying this post until the CRTC comment period expires; scroll down for new posts)

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