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Recently, a court in Saskatchewan ruled that marriage commissioners there are not allowed to refuse to marry same–sex couples due to religious objections.

This is the correct decision. No one forced you to become a marriage commissioner. You knew going into it that you might have to marry same–sex couples. Since you chose to enter it you should face the consequences of your actions. To do otherwise is disrespectful as it tell you that you are not a rational person who is responsible for their actions. To insist that you should not be forced to do your job goes against the principle of personal responsibility. Why do conservatives hate personal responsibility?

Religion is a choice. Absolutely no one is forcing you to follow a religion that requires bigotry against gays and lesbians. And if you truly believed that marrying a same–sex couple would send you to hell, well guess what. There is no way that losing your job could possibly be worse than that. To act otherwise is to betray a serious lack of conviction. Why do conservatives have such weak convictions?

There is no way that grandfathering in bigots who were marriage commissioners before same–sex marriage was approved is a good move. Suppose that at one time, the age of consent was fourteen. Suppose further that it is raised to sixteen. The idea that we should allow those who previously had sex with fifteen–year–olds continue having sex with fifteen–year–olds is an idea that ain’t gonna fly.

If you can’t be forced to do your job, other people should not be forced to employ you. To insist otherwise, you are forcing the government to hire extra marriage commissioners, thereby wasting taxpayers’ money. Why are conservatives in favour of big government?

If you think that you shouldn’t be forced to do the job you signed up for if you are a marriage commissioner, you undoubtedly take the same view of a Friend or Jain (these are Pacifist faiths) joining the military but refusing to fight, claiming freedom of religion. Any argument that would apply to marriage commissioners would also apply to military deserters. Why do conservatives hate the troops so much?


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  1. You said, “gays and lesbians.” That’s redundant and repetitive.

    When you first said marriage commissioner, I thought you were referring to a religious position and disagreed. Then, I realised it was a political position, so I completely agreed with you. It reminds me of this judge in the United States a few years ago that got debenched because he refused to marry interracial couples. In his words, he just recused himself from the case, and he’s allowed to do that. There are rules for recusal, though, so the court disagreed. If you are a government official, you are not allowed to discriminate.

    As for your final question, “Why do conservatives hate the troops so much?” I don’t think they do. I don’t think they give a damn about the troops. The troops are just a tool for their power. You notice they’re always the first to accuse others who disagree with their positions as not supporting the troops, even when the positions don’t support the troops (i.e. fighting a war).

    I can tell you why I hate the troops, though. Because they work for the government. They always say they only killed that guy because they were just following orders. Well, Hitler’s men were also just following orders. Not to compare the troops to Hitler’s troops. Just making the point that just following orders doesn’t make it okay.

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