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Team USA world U18 champs

I have just become aware of the fact that the 2011 IIHF World Women’s U18 Championship ended yesterday. As someone who really likes women’s ice hockey (it’s better than men’s hockey because there’s no bodychecking) I find it a little embarrassing that I didn’t even know this tournament was being held until today. Anyway, Team USA beat Canada 5–2 in the final. Congratulations on winning the fourth consecutive final between those two teams.

The final rankings are:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Finland
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Sweden
  6. Germany
  7. Switzerland
  8. Japan – relegated to Division I

For the 2012 tournament, the groups will likely be:

Pool A Pool B
United States Canada
Czech Republic Finland
Sweden Germany


The final position in Group A will be one of Austria, France, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, or Slovakia, who will win promotion from Division I in a tournament later this year.

One final note. This tournament took place from January 1 to 8. It partially overlapped with another tournament that has one hell of a higher profile. This comes close to being a scheduling FAIL. Perhaps, if the IIHF wants to increase the profile of women’s ice hockey, perhaps it should avoid such overlapping/unintentional “burying” in the future.


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