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DADT repeal signed

Barack Obama has signed the bill repealing don’t ask, don’t tell into law. As I have made clear here before, this is the correct move.

To close out what I hope will be the last post on this atrocious policy, I have two questions:

First, if we grant for the sake of argument that the wingnuts are and that an LGBT soldier would hinder unit cohesion, wouldn’t revealing this publicly actually harm the troops? If a gay or lesbian soldier will make others drop their weapons in order to run away from the gay soldier faster, wouldn’t this provide a means for hostile nations to hinder the US military? They could do it by either by sending gay soldiers against the Americans, or, (more subtly) infiltrating units with gay “agents”. I hesitate to call this treason, but you get my drift.

Second, wouldn’t DADT be demeaning for soldiers already fighting? I mean, accepting DADT requires believing that soldiers kill many bad guys, risk their lives for their country, crawl through muck and mud to fight the enemy, and at the same time collapse like a house of cards in an earthquake when they have a gay soldier in their unit. Are supporters of DADT fucking serious?

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  1. […] And with all that summed up, I hope this will be my last post concerning this bigoted, unnecessary, wasteful, and harmful policy. For sure, this time! […]

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