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Lieshite going under

I found out from SUZIE ALLCAPS’s place that Lieshite, I mean LifeSiteNews, has run out of money and is raising funds.

The appropriate reaction to this is as follows:

Photograph: a tiny violin in someone's hand

Play the world's smallest violin

For those who don’t know, the website in question is a news site that covers various events from a Christian, anti–abortion perspective.

My advice to them is as follows. If you look at their front page, you’ll see stories such as a new anti–gay law in Malawi, the progress of a Canadian bill that will include gender identity in anti–discrimination measures, whining about increased secularism in Europe, an initiative by the Brazilian government to combat homophobia, and additional rubbish along similar lines.

The key thread here is that those things have absolutely nothing to do with abortion. Rather than trying to be— I get first dibs on that website ;)— Lieshite should stop covering things that are irrelevant to the abortion debate. If it instead focused solely on abortion, and covered things such as how contraception and sex education reduce the abortion rate, it would be more responsible with its money and therefore not have to try raising funds, as well as advance its cause better.

Picture from the archives of Pam’s House Blend.


Comments on: "Lieshite going under" (4)

  1. The bill “has been dubbed a ‘bathroom bill’ by pro-family leaders due to the fact that it would allow men who say they are women to use women’s washrooms.”

    This is an example of conservatives making up an issue where none exists. They like to claim that gender identity equality means men will use the women’s lavatories. I like to reply with, “First of all, you’re making a completely ridiculous stretch of logic that doesn’t warrant anything more than putting you in a padded room. Second, even if you were right, so what? Why do women have separate lavatories anyway? That’s apartheid.”

  2. By the way, my browser leaks like a war hero when I’m on your site. What could be causing this, I wonder?

  3. What the hell is a browser leak? All I do here is write the content; the code in the background is done by WordPress.

  4. My blog doesn’t cause my browser to leak. Mine is WordPress. It must be some script you’re running on the page.

    A browser leak happens when it just progressively uses more and more RAM. This laptop is state of the art and your blog hogs its resources. You need to look into that.

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