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A Florida court has upheld an earlier decision from 2008 that struck down that state’s law banning adoption by same–sex couples (hat tip).

This is the correct decision. It benefits children because they can now have real parents. Families headed by same–sex couples are more democratic (cite, source in Spanish). Same–sex couples are just as good at parenting as different–sex couples (cite, cite, cite, cite, cite, cite). With all these studies in hand, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Only a cold, callous, stone–hearted bigot could continue to oppose this law, therefore preferring children to be in foster care or orphanages rather than with loving, capable parents.

Comments on: "Florida court upholds striking down of LGBT adoption ban" (14)

  1. But a gay couple can’t adopt a kid! They’ll turn him gay! God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve! I don’t hate gays. God hates gays.

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” I tell the guy, “I apologise for sitting here this whole time thinking you were an arsehole. It was your god that was the arsehole.”

  2. They’ll turn their kids gay the same way a red-haired couple will turn their adopted kids hair red.

  3. You know I what I was doing, though.

  4. Good, you queerwad. I think I’m going to go have some gay sex. I rather like the idea of going to hell.

  5. “They’ll turn their kids gay the same way a red-haired couple will turn their adopted kids hair red.”

    Are you saying that you can dye your kids gay? Where do you get that dye kit?

  6. The parallel between that article and one a friend of mine wrote a long time ago is uncanny.

  7. Coincidences do happen.

  8. Well, your unnatural point, mentioning eyeglasses and polyester was almost verbatim.

  9. Yeah. Back then, I was still using YouTube, and I saw a guy there who also made an almost verbatim point on the eyeglasses and polyester. He said a lot of people were “rewriting” his work.

  10. You can look for the original if you like. I’m too busy with other things.

  11. So am I, so yeah. Not that I believe you, but I don’t care enough to disbelieve you either, so whatever.

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