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My niece is still alive

It’s a rather weird title, as my niece’s life was never threatened in the first place. However, there is a ridiculous myth that her life was threatened. That is because, due to the heat, she slept with an electric fan running in her room. A widespread urban legend in South Korea tells of the so–called “fan death”, where running an electric fan in your room will kill you.

However, since my niece is still alive, (she was never in any danger to begin with), and since there is no apparent relevant distinction between South Korean and Canadian electric fans, fan death is clearly false, just like it was last year.

It’s been debunked. When used properly, electric fans are harmless. There is no reason to think that, in normal conditions, using an electric fan alone could kill anyone. So, send this myth to where it belongs: the trash heap of history.


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