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The Daily Beast reports that a part of the recently–passed health care reform law may require employers and health insurers to offer birth control to their employees without being able to charge co–pay. The net effect of this would be that birth control becomes free for most American women (via).

Conservative (of course!) organizations, such as the Heritage Foundation and the National Abstinence Ignorance Education Foundation, are opposed. Noting that unintended pregnancies cause abortions, and that pushing birth control endlessly prevents unintended pregnancies, it becomes clear that the Heritage Foundation and the Abstinence Ignorance Education Foundation don’t think the United States’ unintended pregnancy rate is fucking high enough. To use their own rhetoric, conservatives sure are pro–abortion.

Update (2010-07-14): According to Feministing, the actual free services won’t include birth control. If that is the case no sort of political battle would arise. Despite that, not including birth control is the wrong decision.

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