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The Texas Republican Party has released its 2010 platform, and folks, it’s bad for your health. But don’t worry, I’ll serve as a buffer to protect you. Some lowlights:

  • A call to reinstate the sodomy laws that were struck down in Lawrence v. Texas;
  • A call to make it a felony to perform a same sex–marriage;
    • All this while “limiting the expansion of government power”;
  • A call for LGBT people to be denied custody or visitation of a minor, coming close to saying that LGBT people can’t see their own (biological) children;
    • Taking kids from their parents; that’s GOP family values for you!
  • A call to eliminate no fault divorce and promote covenant marriage;
    • covenant marriage is basically a “the man can do no wrong” wife–beaters’ protection act;
  • They go on and on about the sanctity of life and their opposition to abortion, but as the next items show, they don’t really believe it
  • A call for outlawing the morning–after pill, allowing refusal clauses at pharmacies, and for parents to deny their children the sex education they have a right to;
    • Sex education and contraception are the best ways to reduce the abortion rate, and by being in favour of allowing others to deny sex education and contraception to others, the Texas GOP shows their claimed support for the “sanctity of life” is a complete lie; if they truly believed that abortion was murder, they’d realize that violating parental rights and making someone do their job couldn’t possibly be fucking worse than killing someone;
  • Teaching both sides of evolution, intelligent design, and global warming;
    • Shorter Texas GOP: we believe that we are not just entitled to our own opinions, but also our own facts!
  • They go on and on about protecting children, but are against ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • Hey Texas GOP! Why are you against children’s rights?
  • They claim to “deplore all discrimination”;
    • Interesting juxtaposition given their view on LGBT rights;

The whole thing goes on and on with (mostly) more wingnuttery stuff like the above.

One final thing has to be said. Just because wingnuts have their own political party in Texas, does not mean that any particular person from there is a wingnut. We don’t use Michelle Bachman to paint all people from Minnesota with the same brush; the same applies to Texas.

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