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If you happen to have food or drink on your desk, you better put it aside as you’ll surely spill it watching a video this burning stupid. Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars, this video shows Andrew Schlafly, son of one of the most execrable Serena Joys out there, arguing in the New Jersey Supreme Court that the United States Constitution allows the recall of federal office–holders.

In case you’re unaware, the qualifications for in the US Congress can be found in Article I, Section 5. A careful reading of that section reveals that provisions for recall are nowhere to be found, even though procedures for expulsion are present. As Schlafly is a conservative, he would undoubtedly argue that there is no right to privacy in the US Constitution (thereby justifying snooping into everyone’s sex lives), because it not explicitly mentioned. And here is Schlafly asking a different court to do the same thing.

Lastly, Schlafly is the founder of Conservapedia, a so–called “encyclopedia” that is ignorant, creationist, closed–minded, biased, and that reminds conservatives ignorant wingnuts that they are not only entitled to their own opinions, but also to their own facts. Not like you needed another reason to distrust conservapedia.

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