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Honestly, you can’t make this up. If you put this in the script for some sitcom it would be rejected for being too unrealistic (via).

In (yet another) Republican sex scandal, Representative Mark Souder will be resigning after admitting to an affair with a staff member. In what is certainly not a surprise, Souder was one of those big–time “family values” types.

The real problem here isn’t necessarily the fact that he was a “family values” type or was a Republican; there is no particular reason for Democrats to have fewer affairs, and if he wants to live the exemplary life he preaches no one is stopping him. No, the real problem is the hypocritical, holier–than–thouism of someone who didn’t practice what he preaches. If you make your political career on “family values”, you had better follow them yourself.

And who was this staffer Souder had his affair with? Her name is Tracy Jackson. She and Souder appeared in a video together, advocating (wait for it) abstinence–only sex education.

Conservatives sure are funny.


Comments on: "Extramarital abstinence affair" (4)

  1. This story is amusing, but depressing at the same time. The obvious juxtaposition between living piously and then doing the exact opposite seems to be a script for a recent spat of US politicians. The downer is that it continues to happen and seems to almost fly beneath the public and media’s radar.

    These are scandals that have direct political implications, yet seem to send out only small ripples in the public sphere.

    Conversely, throw a more progressive candidate into a similar situation *then* we have headline making earth shattering news. You would think that people, by now, would recognize the bias inherent in the media and compensate for it.

  2. Well of, the media is not really about facts anymore, but rather “balance”; balance as in making sure every extremist gets equal time for their views, no motter how wrong or dumb, hence taking away time from actual reality.

  3. People also wonder why I whinge on about the lack of media outlets. Before ‘objectivity’ became the turgid gold standard of journalism, you could get news from across the spectrum and then it was up to you to decide which slant was closest to the truth.

    On the upside, one can usually count on Al-Jazeera to provide an interesting counterpoint to the approved news we are allowed to get here.

  4. One of the great things about the internet is the democratization of information. For minimal cost, you can get any fact you want from whatever point of view you like. Of course, just because this is available doesn’t mean that people will read it.

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