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Straight from the socialists themselves, CNN has a report/interview about what actual socialists think of Obama. The gist of it: Obama’s no socialist. Indeed, it seems to me that Obama is a centrist at his most left–wing, and a moderate conservative at his most right–wing. But a socialist? No.

Words mean things, and by calling everyone “socialist”, “communist”, of “fascist”, the meanings of those words change. They become nearly meaningless insults that say more about the person applying them than about who they are applied to. If anything, they mean “I don’t like you” or “I disagree with your policies”. They have become impossible to characterize any further. The modern teabag movement almost begs for a new version of Godwin’s law:

“In any discussion of American politics, someone calling their opponent a socialist, communist, or fascist, will eventually occur.”

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