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A dialogue on marriage

Person #1, someone who is average and ordinary: “I just heard that Congress has passed a new law about marriage.”

Person #2, an ignorant, bigoted wingnut: “What about marriage?”

P1: “The law is changing which marriages are officially recognized by the government. From now on, only religious Hindu marriages will be recognized. As for everyone else, they will have to give up the hundreds of benefits of marriage while they and their so–called ‘spouses’ in their so–called ‘marriages’ are being considered total strangers by the government.”

P2: “This is an outrage. It’s persecuting Christians. How dare the government prevent me from getting married.”

P1: “You’re not prevented from getting married. You see, religion is a choice. You have just made the wrong one and have to change. You see, absolutely nothing is preventing you from converting to Hinduism and undergoing a Hindu wedding ceremony. You are still able to get married, you just have to become a Hindu and go through the appropriate ceremony.”

P2: “It does not follow that making a certain choice means it is right to ban certain groups from getting married.”

P1: “But my dear bigoted wingnut, you’ve made the same argument the government is making in order to argue against same–sex marriage. You see, you claim (incorrectly) that sexual orientation is a choice, and that therefore the government shouldn’t make ‘special rights’ because of people’s choices. And yet you are here demanding special rights because of your choices. Basically, the government’s acting the same way you do against same–sex marriage.”

Comments on: "A dialogue on marriage" (2)

  1. Nice work. It is sad that it takes so much for people to see what they are doing to others. Walking a mile in another’s shoes is supposed to be metaphorical.

  2. Thank you.

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