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Blog for Choice 2010

Trust WomenToday is Blog for Choice Day 2010. The topic is “What does Trust Women mean to you?”

Trust women means treating women like people.

Some people don’t trust women. Those people continue to oppose free and easy access to contraception. Why? Because they don’t trust women with having reproductive rights.

Those same people continue to insist that prescriptions are needed for, and that limits be placed on the any woman can have of, the birth control pill, even though medical professionals believe that such is not necessary (cite). Why? Because those people have such a profound mistrust of women that they construct a society where women need permission to have sex.

Those same people support the right to abuse their daughters by denying them the birth control they have the legal right to use. They also want to ignorance by pushing abstinence–only sex. Why? Because they mistrust women so much that they want to control others, and would rather that children get STDs and unintended pregnancies rather than have sex.

Those same people so other things that also show that they distrust women.

I am against the people above and the misogyny they stand for because I trust women. Why? Because women are people.

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