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I have extremely important and exclusive information. It involves the War on Christmas. Did you know that the Homosexual Agenda is targeting it? The information is after the jump and, before you go there, make sure to pray to end this persecution.

Dozens of intelligence agents lost their lives getting me this information, so you’d better commit it to memory. Those agents had to crawl through muck and mud, and snatched this information from the tiny percentage of the population that makes up the awesome power of the homosexual lobby. The story of how this information got here is a tale of lies, hypocrisy, us–vs.–themism, and wingnuttery, a tale best left untold.

But anyway, here’s the exclusive information:

Reindeer have antlers. According to this site, bulls lose their antlers in early December, a bit before the start of winter. Female reindeer keep them through at least March, well after Christmas. Now, as you can clearly see, “Rudolph” has antlers, in the winter.

You do know what this means, don’t you?

That’s right, “Rudolph” is really Rhonda. The Homosexual Agenda has infiltrated a children’s Christmas special with a transgender reindeer in an attempt to indoctrinate and recruit our children into an alternative lifestyle. This is another example, along with having a vast majority of the population as adherents, being the religion of an overwhelming majority of politicians, and having some of our holy days be public holidays, of how Christians are being actively persecuted in this country.

We have to isolate our children from this propaganda since we are all such bad parents that we cannot possibly talk to our children about things we disagree with. They’ll start thinking for themselves and will see our homo– and transphobia for the utter batshit that they are.

Take action now. Phone television stations, e–mail the FCC, write letters to newspapers, inform others of this information, do anything to maintain our charade of not trusting an omnipotent and omniscient God to handle His own problems. Stop the Homosexual Agenda’s War on Christmas.


Comments on: "The Homosexual Agenda’s War on Christmas" (4)

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Very good, very good.

    Love that graphic of teh Homosexual Mob!

  2. Thank you. I found the graphic at Fannie’s Room, before she replaced it with the “Can I vote on your marriage now?” button.

  3. Brilliant! That’s the best Christmas story I’ve read all year. You just made me a happy little heathen.

  4. Thank you Bruce.

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