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In contrast to its position earlier this year, the United States Department of Justice has issued a new brief in its defense of the Defense of Marriage Act. The brief defends the law while expressing opposition to it and at the same time countering common arguments against same-sex marriage. Dale Carpenter at the Volokh Conspiracy has a discussion, and I quote this gem from it (emphasis added):

[After a quote from the brief] …This new position is a gift to the gay-marriage movement, since it was not necessary to support the government’s position. It will be cited by litigants in state and federal litigation, and will no doubt make its way into judicial opinions. Indeed, some state court decisions have relied very heavily on procreation and child-rearing rationales to reject SSM claims. The DOJ is helping knock out a leg from under the opposition to gay marriage….

Personally, I think that the DOJ is trying to have it both ways; it is trying to appease LGBT rights activists by shooting holes through opponents’ arguments, while at the same time defending the act in order to appease social conservatives. In the end, I think that the likeliest result will be that the DOJ pisses off both sides. That’s what a “purple” action is likely to do.

Comments on: "Draining arguments that hold as much water as a sieve" (2)

  1. I think the gay community’s patience is wearing dangerously thin; when NO ONE protects us, what are our options? We need leadership on the federal level (hello Obama).
    For perspective, let’s play role-reversal:

    If I were able to go into the home of a Heterosexual Man and take away his adopted child or step-child, or deport his wife to another country, or steal his pension, or hold him back from seeing his wife as she dies, or took over his home and kicked him out of it permanently, make him homeless, or gave him a disability……

    Me-thinks he would have every right to KICK MY ASS!
    (for starters)

    Some would even suggest that he has a right to use FORCE to defend his wife, child, home, and property. Some would even suggest bearing arms….


    So tell me why, Mr. President, Congress, F.B.I., Law Enforcement, etc. :

    Why is it “legal” to vote these horrors into OUR lives as tax-paying Americans at the ballot box? They do happen. Often.
    How dare anyone think that the entire gay community will politely sit back and not try to defend ourselves here in WA state and across the country, when decades of phone calls, letters, marches, and lobbying have yielded ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in terms of the REAL PROTECTIONS we desperately need RIGHT NOW. These protections are already codified as essential for all American individuals and families.

    Well, “except for those inferior f*ggots and their kids”.

    We are NOT the ones throwing the first punch here, nor are we the attacker. We have been beaten down, abused, unfairly taxed, and vilified for years and decades. It is time for this to stop.

    PROOF –

  2. It seems to be that homophobia is the last “acceptable” prejudice. No matter who stomps on you from above, you can always stomp on LGBT people.

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